New lesson #4 (Introducing people #2 - At a party)

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New lesson #4 (Introducing people #2 - At a party)

Post  Nyuka on Wed Dec 05, 2007 10:27 pm

Just grammar this time, sorry ^__~

1. Nouns (for dutch people: zelfstandige naamwoorden)

Noun have no gender or things like (like in English): 'the' or 'a' etc. The word 'tomodachi' (friend) can be read as:
'a friend'
'the friends'
'the friend'

The context most of the time tells you the meaning of the word(s).

2. ~Desu (Told you it would come in a later lesson XD -I can also write this in Japanese writing-)
'Desu' is equivalent(vergelijkbaar) to the English 'am', 'are' or 'is'. It never changes form according to the subject. (Like: 'I am' or 'He is'.)
'Desu' always comes at the end of a sentence.

3. Omission of topic
When it's obvious to the other what the tpic is (in the next case, Hiroko), it's generally/most of the time shortened up.
(Watashi wa) Hiroko desu.
I am Hiroko (the meaning is still the same).
(Watashi wa) gakusei desu.
I am a student.

4. Negative form of '~Desu'
The negative form of 'Desu' is '~ja arimasen' or 'dewa arimasen' (more formal).
Gakusei dewa arimasen.
I'm not a student.
Nihon-jin ja arimasen.
I'm not Japanese.

Once I desire something...
I cannot undesire it.
I cannot even try to resist.
I will desire it until I have it.
But there is no end.
No matter how much I take, I still want...

quoted from: Loveless volume 2, 'opening drawing' of chapter 4

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